Trudie Tara Moulton

Joyful and uplifting, Trudie Tara Moulton’s paintings range from expressive abstract landscapes to pure abstraction. Her energetic and colourful paintings portray the energy of place and Self. She works from a meditative state of action and uses the possibilities of paint to convey in the abstract what is, so often, inaccessible via words. Her tendency towards pure, bold colour — often on an immersive scale — is influenced by the light and space of California where she lived for 14 years and the wild coastal peninsula of Cornwall in the UK, where she lives now. Trudie’s paintings have been exhibited in London, Berlin and Los Angeles and can be found in corporate and private collections across the UK, USA and Canada.

“With her bold brushstrokes and vibrant palette, Trudie Tara Moulton’s work brings to mind artists such as Albert Irvin, R.A., O.B.E.. Trudie’s work has been exhibited internationally and viewers can sense the influence of the light and space of California where the artist lived for 14 years. [Her work is] energetic, fresh and full of vitality.” — Jo Baring, Curator, Rise Art

“[Trudie] is an artist with an amazing focus, who deeply connects with her work and colour palette on a spiritual level. The power of her work is undeniable.” — Kate Reeve-Edwards, Arts Writer, Cultural Capital Arts

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