Janet Keith

Janet’s painting is a response to the sensory excitement and beauty of her surroundings in rural Sussex.

She is interested in exploring how the unpremeditated and the more considered elements of pictorial structure weave together to build an expressive painting. Colour, energy and a feeling of nature are hallmarks of her work.

Janet’s approach is to begin working with no preconceived idea of how the painting will look when it is finished. She activates the blank canvas with a variety of spontaneous marks and areas of colour. She then observes, listens and responds to those marks and colours with others as the painting develops through various layers and iterations. Her goal is to create a painting that excites in the making – enjoying the placing of each colour, line or shape next to another over and over again, until the painting rings true to her in its energy and evocativeness.

Janet takes inspiration from the very rural surroundings of her studio, from travels near and far, all kinds of music and the sounds of nature – birdsong, the sea, breezes through trees.…She has particular love for the landscapes of the U.K. and Southwest USA. Her artistic influences range far and wide from fourteenth century Sienese altarpieces, to Indian miniatures, Japanese woodcuts, and twentieth century American and British painting.

She has paintings in both private and public collections and exhibits regularly in the U.K. In 2020/21 she exhibited with the Royal Ulster Academy and “ Listening for Curlews” was awarded the prestigious Paul Henry Landscape Prize. Her work has been acquired by the Northern Ireland Civil Service for their permanent collection.
In 2013 Janet was an artist in residence at Glyndebourne Festival Opera and exhibited in the Stalls Gallery. She has also exhibited with the Royal Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Gallery in London.

Elected member of the Ulster Society of Women Artists.

M.A.(Hons) History of Art , St. Andrews University
Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England & Wales
B.A.(Hons) Creative Arts (Painting), OCA

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