Amelia Siddle

Amelia’s work ranges from expressive bronze sculptures, through to light and elegant watercolours and traditional oil paintings. She takes great inspiration the natural world and her work is a response to the animals she is surrounded by and those that enthuse her the most.

Movement and elegance are recurring themes throughout her work, she gleans deep enjoyment from capturing fluidity in pieces, showing the essence and individuality of each subject in whichever medium is appropriate. Broad, loose brush strokes in watercolour, or energetic placement of clay are used to capture elegance and form, together with individual characteristics of the subject. Fascinated by anatomy, this plays a huge part in Amelia’s work – ensuring pieces are anatomically correct, together with being able to trigger feelings in the viewer which make them want to explore that subject more is an important factor in all of her pieces. Her work is on display in both public and private collections all over the world, with multiple pieces owned by the Kennel Club and on display in Clarges Street, London; most notably a hallmarked silver sculpture commissioned by the Crufts dog show committee.

She was lucky enough to have grown up in a beautiful and remote area of East Devon, surrounded by what I she considers to be one of the most beautiful breeds of dog – the Pointer; the thoroughbred and aristocrat of the canine world and a subject that she is deeply passionate about, a passion that she attributes to an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, movement and balance that has been developed and expanded across all animals and subjects. At the age of sixteen she was taken on by Sally Mitchell Fine Arts with whom she had her first limited edition print published – this subsequently led for her to explore a wider variety of mediums, leading her to where she is today. Learning is part of her fascination with her subjects, and something that grows and develops as she explores various forms, and continues to build upon those which inspire her the most.

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